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Just kidding, we know you hate that answer.................................But really, it depends.

Generally speaking, our base package starts around $0.40/sf.

Our base package includes a thorough cleaning, carpet cleaning, and a few other misc. items such as changing air filters and replacing light bulbs. Each unit that we turn for you is reviewed and signed off by our quality manager. Ask today to check out our 60-point inspection and checklist that is filled out by our team and provided to you at the end of each turnover.

     **Extra dirty units will be more than that, and larger homes can be less than that.

All other services (punchlist, junk removal, painting, pressure washing, etc.) depend entirely on the scope of work to be completed. 

All of our services can be tailored to your needs. If you don't need any cleaning, but are looking for fresh carpets & paint, we got you.

Call or text today to get a quote! (801) 839-5280

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